Tom Waits - 1993 The Black Rider

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Tom Waits - 1993 The Black Rider

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1. Lucky Day Overture
2. The Black Rider
3. November
4. Just The Right Bullets
5. Black Box Theme
6. 'T' Ain't No Sin
7. Flash Pan Hunter/Intro
8. That's The Way
9. The Briar And The Rose
10. Russian Dance
11. Gospel Train/Orchestra
12. I'll Shoot The Moon
13. Flash Pan Hunter
14. Crossroads
15. Gospel Train
16. Interlude
17. Oily Night
18. Lucky Day
19. The Last Rose Of Summer
20. Carnival

The Black Rider contains music written for a theater production by pioneering dramatist Robert Wilson and William S. Burroughs (who "sings" on the studiedly curious "'T'Ain't No Sin"). Perhaps the best track is the darkly hilarious opener, "Lucky Day (Overture)," a little carnival waltz with Waits as a freak-show barker. Wrought in Waits' now familiar Weill-on-the-Bowery style, some of the songs are quite moving, and the poetry is as good as ever. Elsewhere, though, Waits indulges some of his shmaltzier tendencies while Wilson's high-falutin' presence seems to have made the whole thing a bit more precious and pretentious than it need be. It ain't one of his best, but even mediocre Tom Waits merits 55 minutes and 39 seconds of attention.