Tom Waits - 1999 Vh1 Storytellers

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Tom Waits - 1999 Vh1 Storytellers

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Part 1
Part 2

01. Tango 'til They're Sore
02. Hang Down Your Head
03. Ol' 55
04. Strange Weather
05. Hold On
06. Picture In A Frame
07. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
08. House Where Nobody Lives
09. Get Behind The Mule
10. Chocolate Jesus
11. What's He Building
12. A Little Rain
13. Downtown Train
14. Black Wings
15. Jesus Gonna Be Here
16. Jersey Girl
17. Chocolate Jesus (Take Two)
18. Tango 'til They're Sore (Take Two)
19. Hang Down Your Head (Take Two)

While many performers have a hard time with the Storytellers format, Tom really flourishes, making the
most of each opportunity to tell one of his hilarious stories that sometimes
have a little to do with the lyrics and sometimes nothing at all. Mule
Variations is one of my favorite Waits albums, and my three favorite songs
on it are included here. The version of Tom in his 1999 voice performing
Ol' 55 (and the hilarious story that preceeds it) is priceless. The band
is excellent, the arrangements are tasteful and interesting, and the vocals
are simply perfect. I won't spoil it any more for those who have yet to hear
this, but I will say that it should be one of the first Waits bootlegs you
should have in your collection.