Tomatito - Aguadulce (2004)

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Tomatito - Aguadulce (2004)

Tomatito - Aguadulce (2004)
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"Tomatito is my favorite flamenco guitarist living today. This album is a wonderful effort from Tomatito and every bit as entertaining as his other solo efforts. The album does have some mainstream, flamenco-inspired tunes, but never strays from the genre. The recording and mastering is excellent and well produced. Whether you are a fan of traditional flamenco guitar or just a novice listener of duende, this album is a great addition to anyone's collection. I recommend any and all of Tomatito's recordings and Aqua Dulce is a brilliant example of the guitar masterery of Tomatito."
- ThrottleJockey,

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Tomatito - Aguadulce