Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes "8th Star" (Bootleg)

Posted By: manuel

Well, well, well, for my first post I chose the (ultra)rare bootleg from Iommi/Hughes' 96 recording sessions that in 2004 finally became the "THE 1996 DEP SESSIONS WITH GLENN HUGHES" album + 1 track that is not documented but (maybe) happens to be "A Whiter Shade of Pale" according to my search...
If anyone can confirm this, I'll be much grateful...

More info here:

Even more info on Robert Dwyer's Black Sabbath Live Project website (please Google it if you want this info)

Format: mp3 @ 160 kbps CBR
No. of tracks: 10
Year: 1996
Total running time: 00:50:28
More info on the ID3v2 Tag in each track

01. Not The Same [A.k.a. I'm Not The Same Man]
02. I'm Gone [A.k.a. Gone]
03. Real World [A.k.a. Don't Drag The River]
04. Don't You Tell Me
05. I'll Be Fine [A.k.a. Fine]
06. From Another World
07. Through The Rain [A.k.a. It Falls Through Me]
08. To Cry You A Song (Bonus Track _Shakin' My Wings_)
09. No Stranger To Love (Bonus Track - 1986 Remix)
10. [Unknown Track]

Tony Iommi (guitar)
Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass)
Don Airey (keyboards)
Dave Holland (drums)
(Except on tracks 8 & 9 where Iommi doesn't play)

1. There's recovery info on the rar file just in case ;)
2. I DID NOT encode this tracks, otherwise I'd have offered them in better quality