Les Tradiotions Rituelles Des Bonpos Tibetains

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Les Tradiotions Rituelles Des Bonpos Tibetains / Традиционные ритуалы Бонпо

Les Tradiotions Rituelles Des Bonpos Tibetains | OggVorbis 128 Kbps | 63:22 | 52 Mb

These are authentic chants from Tibet. However, they are not Buddhist, but instead are called Bonpos. The chants consist of men only with deep, resonant voices and with no real leader. They all shift their tones just like a large flock of birds changes direction without knowing who actually initiated the move. There is also a cymbal-like percussive instrument that "clangs", and their version of a bass drum.

The sonics are phenomenal, and because of the nature of the music, it is a reference recording for bass reproduction. The voices require one type of system accuracy, while the bass drum, which sounds like a sledge hammer, requires another. It also excellent as an aid in finding the right crossover point: The higher-the better the bass drum impact; the lower-the more natural the voices. The music is either boring or hypnotic depending on your tastes.

Храмовая ритуальная музыка и песнопения традиции Юндрунг Бон, призывание защитника Миду, котрый изображается скачущим в горах верхом на черной лошади, прославление Будды Тонпа Шенраба (основателя Бон), церемонии подношения и т.п.