Traditional Music Of Peru 1 - Festivals Of Cusco

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Traditional Music Of Peru 1 - Festivals Of Cusco

Smithsonian Folkways Series
Traditional Music Of Peru 1 - Festivals Of Cusco

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Traditional Music of Peru 1: Festivals of Cusco:
"These recordings present the lively msuic of religious festivals in the Cusco region, where devotees sing and perform on flutes, drums, harps, violins, accordions, and in brass bands. Recorded in Peru, 1989. 67min." -Smithsonian Folkways
South America, The Americas | Flutes, Lutes, Percussion, Vocals | Smithsonian Folkways

Music of religious festivals is one of the richest and most important types of musical expression in the Andes. These 1989 recordings from the Peruvian Archives of Tradi-tional Andean Music present lively music of the religious festivals in the Cusco region. Devotees perform with flutes and drums, harps and violins, accordions, brass bands, and voices. Filled with the sounds of celebration and the fervor of the religious occasions, the performances present Andean music in itscontemporary religious setting. 26 tracks. "Puts you in touch with the real thing." –Tucson Citizen

1. Albazo
2. Albazo
3. Q'illu Qanchis
4. Q'ara Ch'unchu
5. Saqra O China Saqra
6. Saqra O Urku Saqra
7. Saqsampillo
8. K'achampa
9. Chukchu
10. Qhapaq Ch'unchu
11. Chileno
12. Auga Chileno
13. Ch'unchu
14. Ch'unchacha
15. Siklla
16. Qanchi Alcalde
17. Contradanza
18. Mestiza Quyacha
19. Qhapaq Qulla
20. Qhapaq Qulla
21. Qhapaq Negro
22. Qhapaq Negro
23. Majenho Listen
24. Carnaval De Paru-Paru
25. Carnaval De Cuyo Grande
26. Canto A San Jeronimo