Trees of Gold - John Adorney (2006 New age)

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Trees of Gold - John Adorney (2006 New age)

Trees of Gold - John Adorney (2006 New age)
Mp3 192 ~ 210kps ~ 77.15MB
Original Release Date: June 13, 2006
Label: Eversound

"On the stunning follow-up to his debut multi-instrumentalist Adorney has created a delightful collage of songs … Daya’s multi-dubbed vocals on the infectious title track … are reminiscent of Enya’s breakthrough ‘Orinoco Flow’ … a superb sophomore outing." -NEW AGE RETAILER

"John is a very gifted artist; I love his sense of timing, melody and instrumentation. He is a genius at bringing notes to life and his new album, Trees of Gold, shines brightly with the spirit of adventure, beauty, and majesty." -DIANE ARKENSTONE

"Entrancing lyrics and lush vocals by Daya add a new dimension to the enduring instrumental compositions John is loved for." -THE MORNING BREEZE, KSBR 88.5

EverSound proudly presents John Adorney’s fourth album, a highly anticipated benchmark to an extraordinary career with worldwide CD sales of over 200,000. Trees of Gold seamlessly follows 2004’s elegant and enchanting Waiting for the Moon and 2002’s The Other Shore, honored by the Coalition of New Age Retailers as the Best New Age CD of 2002. As on all of his releases, Adorney’s compositions are complemented by the luscious, layered textures of female vocalist Daya. The title track, as well as the beautiful "Yilowe," also feature African vocals by Marcel Adjibi.

1. Swept Away
2. Trees of Gold
3. Whisper
4. Arrival of the Guest
5. Yilowe - Marcel Adjibi, John Adorney
6. Swing
7. Shades of Amber
8. Wind in the Forest
9. Waterwheel
10. Man of the Red Earth

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