Trevor Jones - From Hell OST

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Trevor Jones - From Hell OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 2001 | Label: Varese Sarabande | 72:22 min | 84 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

This soundtrack album opens with the "Wormwood Remix" of Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood single "The Nobodies," an obvious bow to contemporary marketing that nevertheless sets the proper tone with its bleak ethos and jagged rhythms. But it's the dark, brooding score of largely unsung South African composer Trevor Jones that's the real focus here. Jones's masterful use of orchestral color and pacing, punctuated by slight percussive, choral, and electronic flourishes, paints a musical landscape as bleak as it is suspenseful. The composer's use of melody is spare, deliberate, and minor key, helping to infuse the score with a very human sense of melancholy even as it tightens the screws of dramatic tension. The concluding track, "Bow Belle (Absinthium)," offers up the strangest treat: a swirling, psychedelic cocktail of twisted, 19th-century ballroom gentility and contemporary digital sorcery that seems to crackle through a gramophone player.

1. The Nobodies (Wormwood Remix) (Performed by Marilyn Manson)
2. In Memoriam
3. Royal Connections
4. Sprig of Red Grapes
5. Whitechapel Murders
6. Chasing the Dragon
7. Portrait of a Prince
8. Compass and the Ruler
9. Marylebone Workhouse
10. Investigation
11. Death Coach
12. Pennies for the Ferryman
13. Bow Belle (Absinthium)

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