Trilok Gurtu : Usfret

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Trilok Gurtu : Usfret | Jazz |Instrumental |Indian Fusion | 1998

Trilok Gurtu: percussion, drums, tablas, congas, voice
Shobha Gurtu: voice
Ralph Towner: acoutic guitars, keyboards on "Goose Bumps"
Don Cherry: trumpet
Shankar: violin
Daniel Goyone: piano, keyboards
Jonas Hellborg: bass on "Shobharok" and "Deep Tri"
Walter Quintus: tambura on "OM"

Customer Reviews:
I'm running out of stars to rate Usfret ! Seriously, what a masterpiece this one is. Released wayback in 1987, this album still rocks. The lovely alaps(vocals), the unbeatable beats, the mesmerising compositions... aaah.. its simply too good. Featuring Shobha Gurtu (Trilok's mom), Don Cherry, Ralph Towner, Shankar, Daniel Goyne and more... this album is 'percussion music' redefined. This one happens to be Gurtu's first solo album, which apparently was way ahead of its time.
The album begins with Shobharock and by the end of this 7 1/2 min track, you get to know whats in store for you ahead. Phenomenal compositions that leave you breathless and moreover all the tracks are placed in an order, that lets you take a breather (or) t(w)oo.
All in all, Usfret, a landmark album in itself, proved to be an inspiration to so many, that we can still see its poor imitations.
A must buy for all you music lovers. Welcome to the land of percussion music (where Trilok Gurtu rules the roost).
Reviewer:"aditya parwatkar"

This is actually the album claimed to be the biggest influence to musicians at the London clubscene, such as; Asian dub foundation, Nitin sawhney and Talvin Singh.
Usfret has reasently been recognized as the first "drum and bass" album - ever made (in 1988!)- that's what I call ahead of his time.
Trilok Gurtu has been rewarded several times; Downbeats readers poll - 7 years (worlds greatest percussionist). BBC worldmusic award, Carlton television ect.
And where ever you go in musical invironments, you will hear people talk about Trilok with awe.
If your standards are high, and you only accept the best contemporary music; BUY THIS ALBUM!!! (it's already a classic)
The album is featuring Shobba Gurtu (mom), Ralf Towner, Don Cherry, Lars Danielson, Shankar ect.
Reviewer: alec bridgewater


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