USA-European Connection - Come Into My Heart

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USA-European Connection - Come Into My Heart
Genre Disco | mp3 160 | 192 VBR | 27:29 min | front and back covers | 36MB

Pioneering dance music producer/arranger Boris Midney was among the principal architects of the Eurodisco sound. One of the first to exploit the full potential of 48-track recording, his trademark blend of strings, horn and percussion created a sound as deep and lush as any heard during the disco era. Born in Russia, Midney was a classically-trained composer who started out writing film scores; turning to disco, however, he discovered his true calling. Working under a number of guises he produced an enormously prolific body of work from his New York City studio ERAS. He first came to American prominence with USA-European Connection. The concept was simple, take lush female vocals and arrangements (done USA style) and place them over swirling strings, and incessant synthesized beats (Euro style) and you have a hit.
The four track debut album stormed the club charts and peaked at #-1. "Love's Coming/Baby Love" and "Come Into My Heart/Good Loving" were in a class by themselves…….chic disco! The first album, "Come Into My Heart," released in 1978 was recorded in Philadelphia at ALPHA Recording studios. Midney used Leza Holmes, Renne Johnson and Sharon Williams for the vocals and Joan Cordas and Bruce Weeden to assist in the musician department.By the time of the release of 1979's "USA-European Connection" he had moved into his 48-track ERAS studio in New York. Vocal duties were handle in-house by Kevin Owens and Chequita Jackson, singers he used on many of his other productions. Musicians included: Peter Martin, Tom Miller, Francisco Centeno and Bob DePasquale's String Group. Once again the formula was the same, four tracks, "I'd Like To Get CLoser," "Do Me Good," "Join The Dance" and "There's A Way Into My Heart," peaking at #-1.
contains 4 songs on 2 tracks non-stop (one by each side)
A side: Come into My Heart/Good Loving
B side: Love's Coming/Baby Love