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This is 1 of my most favor8s ever so if u r a goa/psy-trance addict, this is a must have item. D only blind point is da Host-Server Uptime. I recommend 2 use a Download Manager 2 resume your download if u faced with server downtime. & don't worry guyz! u won't lose da link. If u recieved an error message, just sit & wait 4 couple of hours, then check da link again. It has worth a little hassle like that.


V.A. - Clubbers Guide To Goa Trance 3CD 2003

CD 1
01-Troll - Organique
02-Out of Phase - Out Of Phase
03-Vectrolab - Solar Experience
04-The drill - Thalua
05-Dozer & Tank - The One
06-Encarta - Monotomic Master
07-Airborne - Rainbow
08-Psygone - Psy-Quest
09-Bypass Unit - Lunar Senses
10-Psygone - Kashmir
11-Reactor - Transformer F
12-Geiger - Judgement Day

CD 2
01-Dj Mach - Hardbeat
02-Abnormal - Deep Space Of Future
03-Dj Steam - Let The Music Play
04-Vectrolab - Ballistic Endorphine
05-Safron - Galapagos
06-Dj Ziax - Fighter
07-Abnormal - Night Flight
08-Ego Traum - Bancho Strategy
09-Psygone - Rising Hearts
10-Abnormal - Dance Of The Dead

CD 3
01-Colorbox - Cyanid
02-Bypass Unit - Zonia (Fat Freedy Mix)
03-Aqualite - Wipe Out
04-Psygone - Camaro Kanitou
05-Holophonia - Morbus
06-V-Tech - Mystique
07-Solar Plexus - Liquid Moon
08-Donut Junkie - Blue
09-Strange Biscuit - Psuedo Acoustic
10-Terpischore - Bogakka


Have phunn!