VA - Thunderdome: Dance or Die

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VA - Thunderdome: Dance or Die

Thunderdome: Dance or Die (1996)
Hardcore | 2 CDs | MP3 192 Kbps | Incl. Covers|225 MB

Tracklist cd 1:

1-01 DJ Dano live @ Thunderdome '96 (11:12)
1-01 A Stunned Guys, The Beats Time
1-01B Lawyer, The Yo DJ
1-01C DJ Dano Starting Up
1-01D Tellurian Hardcore Junkies
1-01E DJ Dave & The Chicago Hardcore Party Force Listen…
1-02 The Prophet live @ Thunderdome '96 (14:14)
1-02A Masoko Solo Pessa Pessa (The Prophet Remix) Remix - Prophet, The
1-02B Prophet, The & DJ Delirium Da Boomin' Bass
1-02C Prophet, The & DJ Delirium We Love To Party
1-02D 3 Steps Ahead Drop It
1-02E Re-Charge Bumrush
1-03 DJ Weirdo live @ Thunderdome '96 (20:06)
1-03A DJ Weirdo The Thunder Anthem (Weird Siren Mix)
1-03B Dr. Phil Omanski & Jeremy Rockin' Your Body
1-03C DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski Young Birds
1-03D Lords Of The Underworld Take It Easy
1-03E DJ Mongoose Rip Shit Up
1-04 DJ Buzz Fuzz live @ Thunderdome '96 (14:32)
1-04A French Connection French Connection (Original Mix)
1-04B Stunned Guys, The Beats Time
1-04C Buzz Fuzz Summertime (Alright Y'all Mix)
1-04D Omar Santana Kick Some Shit
1-04E Buzz Fuzz Chemical Overdrive
1-05 DJ Gizmo & The Dark Raver live @ Thunderdome '96 part 1 (13:42)
1-05A Nightraver, The & DJ Trevor Rave Is The World
1-05B Davie Forbes Remember That
1-05C Bruyaa & Ozonic Welcome To Death Row (Happy Mix)
1-05D Lenny Dee & Dark Raver, The To Da Rhythm
1-05E Chicago Hardcore Force Yo Mr. DJ
1-06 DJ Gizmo & The Dark Raver live @ Thunderdome '96 part 2 (4:37)
1-06A Marshall Masters Don't Touch That Stereo Featuring - Da TMC

Tracklist cd 2:

2-01 Bass-D & King Matthew Live @ Thunderdome '96 (17:11)
2-01A Bass-D & King Matthew Like A Dream Featuring - DJ XD
2-01B Bass-D & King Matthew Right Here Waiting
2-01C DJ Distortion & MC R.A.W. vs. Bass-D & King Matthew Raveworld
2-01D Highlander Hold Me Now (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) Remix - Bass-D & King Matthew
2-01E Bass-D & King Matthew The Thunder Anthem
2-02 3 Steps Ahead Live @ Thunderdome '96 (21:58)
2-02A 3 Steps Ahead Gangster (Feel So Good)
2-02B 3 Steps Ahead Money In My Pocket
2-02C 3 Steps Ahead Drop It (The Ender Mix) Remix - Ender, The
2-02D 3 Steps Ahead The Thunder Anthem (Thunderscream)
2-03 Neophyte Live @ Thunderdome '96 (27:15)
2-03A Bodylotion Always Hardcore
2-03B Bodylotion Fuck Martina
2-03C Neophyte The Guitarman Guitar - Jarno Butter
2-03D Neophyte Execute
2-03E Bodylotion Happy Is Voor Hobo's
2-04 DJ Delirium Live @ Thunderdome '96 (11:43)
2-04A DJ Delirium Dance Or Die
2-04B Promo & Da Vinci Psycho Style
2-04C Paradox (9) The Guillotine
2-04D DJ Delirium & Omar Santana Drop Da Beat