Владимир Дашкевич - музыка к сериалу

Posted By: Vah Vus
Did you know that the Soviet TV version of Sherlock Holmes looks much more British than all the British versions… especially the soundtrack which is by far the best Holmes' music ever. Well, you don't have to believe me. Now you can judge by yourself. The main part of the series soundtrack is here -

Владимир Дашкевич - музыка к сериалу

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Основная часть саундтрека бесподобной музыки Владимира Дашкевича к нашим таким родным Холмсу-Ливанову и Ватсону-Соломину.

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THe last file - 0.69 MB

What is the password? Elementarno, Watson. The password is !