MP3: Sara Montiel - Canciones De Mi Vida

Posted By: Vah Vus
MP3: Sara Montiel - Canciones De Mi Vida
MP3: Sara Montiel - Canciones De Mi Vida

Sara MONTIEL - Canciones De Mi Vida (The Songs Of My Life)

original release, performed by me in appreciacion of the great work of Avax, Apexpal, Bully67 and other AvaxHomer people, marking especially their latest effort to improve the access to the site and get rid of the infamous bad gatewaymessages :)

MP3 | 320 kbps| full CD rip with covers and inlay scanned | 132 Mb
(uploaded both as an archive and as separate tracks, sizes 5 to 9 Mb)

Archive 45 Mb + 45 Mb + 43 Mb :

Same disk, tracks one-by-one (in the reverse order, sorry :)

(the 18th track file includes scanned images of covers and inlays)

no password
If you dont know who Sara Montiel is and want just to get an impression I would reccommend to download the tracks 1,2,6,15, and 17 (La Violetera, Ojos Verdes, Es Mi Hombre, Los Nardos, and Canta Guitarra).

This is my personal release. I didn't re-upload these files it from somewhere. I spend quite a lot of time and effort to create the rip and to bring it to you. If you want me to post my other releases please dont make mirrors and use my Rapidshare links. I appreciate your understanding.