MP3: Blue Spanish Eyes

Posted By: Vah Vus
MP3: Blue Spanish Eyes
MP3: Blue Spanish Eyes

One Song, several versions:
Blue Spanish Eyes

The great song as performed by:
- Elvis Presley
- Englelbert Humperdinck
- Andre Rieu (orchestra)
- Fausto Papetti (orchestra)
- Nana Mouskouri
- Jack Jersey
- Frank Ferrari
- Willie Nelson with Julio Iglesias
(total = 8 different versions).

Format: MP3, bitrate = 128,192, 256…

password = bloy_shpanish_oygn

Size: 22.9 Mb

I don't mind if there will be as many mirrors to this archive as it gets since it's not my release, it's just what my eMule has fetched :) yesterday. I didn't spend much time re-uploading it, so I don't feel I deserve all the d/load points or anything like that… but if you'll want to thank me anyhow please use my link :)

As for my own releases - I am still a-waiting for sponsorship or reimbursement offers…