Victor Wooten - A Show Of Hands [1996]

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Victor Wooten - A Show Of Hands
1996 | Jazz Fusion/Bass Solo | VBR-MP3 | 62.5MB

The opening lines on this CD are spoken: "Yo, Victor. What's ever you do I wantcha to remember this here. You can't hold no groove if you ain't got no pocket." Well, straight out of the gate, this CD shows us that Victor Wooten clearly CAN hold a groove with an amazingly phat pocket! Yes, these are all bass compositions - 1 four-string and no overdubs. Of course, Wooten does what few bassists have been able to do, and that is to turn the bass into a full-fledged melody instrument. I can't tell you how many times, for instance, I've played this disc for non-musician friends and had them curiously ask: "Is all that really on the bass?" Well....yup! The only problem I really have with this disc is that while most of the songs are melodic and tight enough as songs to please both the musician and non-musician, there are a few on here that seem to have little purpose but to show off virtuosity. The title track "A show of hands" and "classical thump" are technically blistering enough to please the bss officianado, but will not likely appeal to the non-bass players. The only other quick note is that Victor is so good on the funky tracks ("Can't Hold No Groove" and "Me and My Bass Guitar") that it is a shame there are no more than two up-beat funky tracks on this disc. I can't deduct a star for this, though, because even though many of the songs tend towards the slower, more smooth style, even those tracks are quite strong. Good CD, all in all.

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1. U Can't Hold No Groove...
2. More Love
3. Lotta Stuffis?
4. The Vision
5. Overjoyed
6. Live For Peace
7. A Show Of Hands
8. Not Like The Other
9. Justice
10. Medley
11. Radio W-00-10
12. Classical Thump
13. Keep Chargin'
14. Me & My Bass Guitar
15. Words Of Wisdom

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