Wojciech Kilar - Bram Stoker's Dracula OST

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Wojciech Kilar - Bram Stoker's Dracula OST

Wojciech Kilar - Bram Stoker's Dracula OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1992 | Label: Columbia | 55:07 min | 64 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

One of the most unsettling scores I have ever listened to - which is not a criticism, but just a fact of life for this rare Hollywood effort from Polish composer Kilar. It starts well with a prelude 'Dracula: The Beginning', which has a rich, East European sound, and follows on with a suitably dark and dramatic main theme, 'Vampire Hunters', played on low-toned brass with a strong percussion undercurrent, which is also repeated in the cue 'The Hunt Builds'. Kilar has also composed a surprisingly gentle, touching romantic theme entitled 'Love Remembered', which continues on into 'Love Eternal', with soft strings performing a beautiful melody. The scary bit, however, comes in the cue 'The Ring of Fire', which underscores the scene where the Brides of Dracula mutilate Anthony Hopkins' horse - listening to this with headphones on will give you nightmares for a week.

1. Dracula - The Beginning
2. Vampire Hunters
3. Mina's Photo
4. Lucy's Party
5. The Brides
6. The Storm
7. Love Remembered
8. The Hunt Builds
9. The Hunters Prelude
10. The Green Mist
11. Mina/Dracula
12. The Ring of Fire
13. Love Eternal
14. Ascension
15. End Credits
16. Love Song for a Vampire (Performed by Annie Lennox)

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