Roscoe Holcomb - The High Lonesome Sound

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Roscoe Holcomb - The High Lonesome Sound

Roscoe Holcomb - The High Lonesome Sound
Folk | Smithsonian Folkways | 1998 | MP3: LAME v3.97 VBR 2 | 100 MB |

With a voice that could crack the same cement he worked all his adult life, Roscoe Holcomb, along with Dock Boggs, Wade Ward, and Banjo Bill Cornett, was one of the most searing singers and pickers of the Appalachian banjo style. He performed mostly in Holiness Church services and impromptu square dances, and his style was never polished by an extensive professional career. His banjo playing is distinguished by speedy, irregular meter, and seems to mimic his vocal approach (or vice versa). First released in 1965, this John Cohen edited collection includes the well-known traditional cuts "Moonshiner" and "House of the Rising Sun," and is fleshed out by the guitar playing of Mike Seeger.

"Roscoe Holcomb is a true genius." -San Francisco Chronicle

1. Moonshiner
2. Old Smoky
3. Little Birdie
4. House In New Orleans
5. Trouble In Mind
6. The Wandering Boy
7. Hook And Line
8. Married Life Blues
9. Omie Wise
10. Willow Tree
11. Boat's Up The River
12. In The Pines
13. Fox Chase
14. Little Gray Mule
15. I'm A Free Little Bird
16. Little Bessie
17. Motherless Children
18. Darlin Corey
19. Roll On Buddy
20. A Village Churchyard