Yiddish Humor

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Yiddish Humor

Sit back, relax … and laugh out loud ! This album features Dzigan and Schumacher, Max Perlman, Shmulik Segal, Mike Burstein, and others. These famous routines will have you laughing in Yiddish all over again!

Enjoy this compilation of hilarious sketches - mostly performed by the world famous Yiddish comedic duo, Dzigan and Shumacher, with guest stars such as Pesachke Burstyn, Mike Burstyn, Max Perlman, Yaakov Bodo, and Ben Tzion Whitler (to name but a few !!).

Brought to you here is Vol. 1, which is only the beginning of this wounderfull collection!!

Track list:

menakhem mendl shraybt a briv tsu sholem aleykhem - "Menachem Mendel writes a letter to Sholem Aleichem" Dzigan

vifl ir farshteyt - "As much as you understand" Dzigan & Shumacher

shlimazl - "Shlimazel" Witler

mayn familien album - "My family album" Dzigan

mekhile betn - "Forgiveness" Dzigan & Segal

dort vu toyre iz khokhme - "Where there is 'thora' there is wisdom" Burstein

d"r nebakh - "Dr. Nebech" Shumacher

aynshtayn Vaynshtayn - "Einstein Weinstein" Dzigan & Shumacher

oy ala ikh lig in adama - "Oh my Lord, I'm burried" Dzigan & Perlman