12 Girls Band: Shining Energy (2004)

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12 Girls Band: Shining Energy (2004)

12 Girls Band: Shining Energy (2004)
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It's difficult doing an unbiased review of this work. The music is, at the least, interesting, and sometimes quite marvelous. The ladies are undeniably fetching, and the settings are entrancing. The general effect is wonderful. The ladies, all conservatory trained, play traditional Chinese instruments with some background dubbing. The selections are melodious, lilting, and sometimes very moving. Along with Chinese music, they do Paul Desmond's hit from the sixties, Take Five; it is not pure jazz, by any means, but it's interesting. They also do a Russian folk tune which was popular in this country as an expression of support for the Soviet people: Meadowland.

Track listing
1. Great Canyon
2. Kiko
3. Lihi Tabi Dachi
4. Shining Energy
5. Asu-E No Tobira
6. Loulan Girl
7. Reel Around The Sun (From Riverdance)
8. Only Time
9. Jasmin
10. Toki No Nagare Ni Mi O Makase
11. Fantasy
12. Swan Lake
13. Flame
14. Prayer
15. Butterfly


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