Yungchen Lhamo | Coming Home

Posted By: Hugo
Завораживающий голос Yungchen Lhamo, в альбоме, спродюсированном Hector Zazou в студии Peter Gabriel Realworld и с его участием.

From Tibet's most exquisite voice in exile, stunning contemporary songs of freedom and beauty. Produced by Hector Zazou.

Yungchen Lhamo | Coming Home
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Yungchen Lhamo acknowledges that there will be voices who prefer the 'purity' of her a cappella work. "Singing a cappella is very difficult, you feel totally responsible for everything the audience feels. Every sound is created by yourself." Recording with Zazou gave her the opportunity to focus her considerable interpretive energy with musicians.

01. Happiness Is...
02. Sky
03. Heart
04. Per Rig Chog Sum
05. Khyab Sangye
06. Ngak Pai Metog
07. Dream
08. Defiance
09. Coming Home