OST - Ziegfeld Follies

Posted By: savatage01
1. Main Title (Instrumental) - The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
2. Here's To The Girls - Fred Astaire/The M-G-M Studio Chorus
3. Bring On Those Wonderful Men - Virginia O'Brien
4. We Will Meet Again In Honolulu - James Melton
5. Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) - Avon Long/The M-G-M Studio Chorus
6. Libiamo From La Traviata - James Melton/Marion Bell
7. This Heart Of Mine - Fred Astaire
8. Love - Lena Horne/The M-G-M Studio Chorus
9. If Swing Goes, I Go Too - Fred Astaire
10. Limehouse Blues (Instrumental) - The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
11. The Interview - Judy Garland/The M-G-M Studio Chorus
12. The Babbitt And The Bromide - Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly
13. There's Beauty Everywhere - Kathryn Grayson/The M-G-M Studio Chorus
14. There's Beauty Everywhere - James Melton/The M-G-M Studio Chorus

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