Zohreh Jooya - Music of the Persian Mystics (2003)

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Zohreh Jooya - Djowhar e Eshqh (The Essence of Love)
Music of the Persian Mystics (2003, London)

Erudite Spiritual Persian Songs (with Rumi, Hafez and Saadi Poetry)
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This album, composed by Madjid Derakhshani and sung by Zohreh Jooya, is based on poems of the Persian mystics Rumi, Hafiz and Saadi. It is a blend of classical Persian music with the sounds of today; an unconventional combination of Oriental and European instruments.

Zohreh Jooya, raised in the holy city of Mashad in Iran, received a classical music education at the Academy of Music, Vienna and then earned a masters degree in opera at the “Conservatoire of the City of Vienna”. She currently pursues a singing career in both Oriental and European cultures with opera performances throughout Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

Madjid Derakhshani is considered one of the best tar players in Iran with the respectful title “Ostad”, meaning a master who can give the best performance on a classical instrument. His teacher on setar and tar was the legendary Mohamad Reza Lotfi. He has also recorded with the most famous Iranian singer Mohammadreza Shajarian. In addition to the poems by Hafiz, Saadi and Mowlana Rumi there is also one from Shafii Katkany - added as an example of modern Iranian poetry to set a counterpoint of modern reality to the old mystics.


An Extraordinary Musical Experience

I attended a concert of this group in Bonn/Germany last year. I got caught by Mrs Jooya's voice. Mr. Derakhshani composed a wonderful piece of art. Even hours after the concert the melodies did not leave my head. It was the most exiting concert of Persian music I have ever attended.–-Amazon

Track Listings
1. I am Baffled About You (poem by Hafiz)
2. Bidad (saxophone solo, instrumental)
3. In my Heart is Room for No-One (poem by Saadi)
4. Aziz, for My Beloved
5. My Soul (poem by Mowlana Rumi)
6. Nava (instrumental)
7. Tonight I am so Enraptured (poem by Mowlana Rumi)
8. Praying, Niyayesh
9. Thou Passest Through Me (poem by Mowlana Rumi)
10. Be my Light (tar solo, instrumental)
11. Bon Voyage (poem by Shafii Katkany)
12. Let Go (instrumental improvisation)

Real art talks to your soul
When people are honest in their feelings, when they are masters in their art, when they meet together, only then comes a heavenly melody like this to life. I was shocked by listening to this CD, by realising that such a masterpiece can exists. Once I played it, I could not stop it any more. Though I can not understand Persian, but Zohreh Jooya with her voice,Madjid Derakhshani with his tar and voice, Marwan Abado with his oud,Amirabbas Zare with his daf,Stefan Hendrix and Reza Safaverdi with their cellos, Maghsoudloo with his ney, Klaus Gesing and Thomas Nawratil with their sax and tabla all this together with the mystical poems of Mowlana Rumi, Hafiz, Saadi and Shafii Katkany made me speachless
Thank you all.
I will sure one day attend your concerts!


Enjoy !
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