Trey Gunn - A Thousand Years

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Trey Gunn - A Thousand Years
EAC rip | FLAC level 8 | year 1993 | experimental rock | ize 2 x 95.7 MB + 1 x 3.10 MB | time: 43:08 min

Trey Gunn is a Robert Fripp's disciple. He began at The League of Crafty Guitarrist. Actually is a member on the double trio King Crimson playing the stick, an instrument with 10 strings (the 4 from the bass plus the 6 of the guitar). The stick is played "pressing" the strings against the frets with a technique called "tapping", with the both hands; it results in a strange and mellow sound and the player can make the melody and the accompaniment simultaneously. With the adding of electronic effects, A Thousand Years, is a very relaxing and experimental album.

The Night Air
The Screen Door and The Flower Girl
Killing For London
Real Life
Into The Wood
The Gift
Take This Wish
1000 Years




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