Chorégraphie - Music for Louis XIVs dancing masters - Andrew Lawrence-King

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Chorégraphie - Music for Louis XIVs dancing masters - Andrew Lawrence-King

Chorégraphie - Music for Louis XIVs dancing masters - Andrew Lawrence-King
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This new disc from virtuoso harpist Andrew Lawrence-King will appeal not only to those who love the particular full-bodied, abundantly resonant sound of the baroque triple harp but also to fans of harpsichord, lute, and theorbo, which have textural and timbral similarities fundamental to plucked-string instruments. In addition, during the 17th century these instruments also shared much of the same repertoire, including the dance music from Lully's operas presented here, much of it arranged for solo instrument by Lully's contemporary Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Although the individual pieces consist of Sarabandes, Chaconnes, Gigues, Gaillardes, Contredances, and the like, the harp's significant resonance tends to have a mollifying effect on the inherent rhythmic diversity of the various dances. But the playing is expectedly lively and cleanly articulated, and the vibrant recording ensures a realistic, scintillating presence to the harp's every string–with some especially memorable low-register sounds!

The disc's title refers to a remarkable baroque-era dance book (published in 1700), the first such book to show actual diagrams of foot movements; among the musical examples in the collection (and others of its type) were settings of dances from Lully's ballets, along with other works heard on this program. In fact, the disc's excellent, detailed liner notes–by Lawrence-King–make an engrossing read that significantly enhances our appreciation of the music and performances. By placing the music in context and explaining its relevance to the court of Louis XIV, Lawrence-King gives meaning and purpose to his program while appealing to our fascination for colorful historical events and personalities. An absolutely first-rate production from beginning to end.

David Vernier, Classics
Amazon Information
Audio CD (March 20, 2007)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Harmonia Mundi Fr.

Tracklist and Samples
Listen - 01 - Prelude In C
Listen - 02 - Entree Espagnole
Listen - 03 - Entree: Air Pour Les Paysans Et Paysanes
Listen - 04 - Le Louvre
Listen - 05 - La Mariee De Rollant
Listen - 06 - Sarabande Pour Une Femme
Listen - 07 - Bouree Pour Les Basques
Listen - 08 - Chaconne Du Vieux Gautier
Listen - 09 - La Contredance
Listen - 10 - Entree D'Apollon
Listen - 11 - Suite La Bourgogne: Courante-Bouree-Sarabande-Passepied
Listen - 12 - Gigues: Gigues A Deux-Gigue Pour Homme
Listen - 13 - Overture: Le Retour Des Plaisirs
Listen - 14 - Courante: La Bocanesc
Listen - 15 - Sarabande
Listen - 16 - La Vignonne
Listen - 17 - Pavane Des Saisons
Listen - 18 - Giallarde
Listen - 19 - Passacaille D'Armide
Listen - 20 - Prelude IN D Minor
Listen - 21 - Entree Espagnole
Listen - 22 - Les Folies D'Espagne
Listen - 23 - Chaconne D'Amadis

Chorégraphie - Music for Louis XIVs dancing masters - Andrew Lawrence-King

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