J.S. Bach - Matthäus Passion - Philippe Herreweghe (HM 1999)

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J.S. Bach - Matthäus Passion - Philippe Herreweghe (HM 1999)

J.S. Bach - Matthäus Passion | 1999 | Classical, Chorus
APE 1411 kbps | 44100 HZ Stereo | 620 MB

When Bach composed his Passion according to Saint Matthew for the church of St Thomas in Leipzig, he clearly had in mind a vast architectural structure in music, not only in its rhetorical organisation, but also in the disposition at different levels of the sources of the sound (two choruses, two orchestras…). The undertaking was a total success. The reaching out towards the absolute, the turmoil of the senses inherent in this sound mass, so perfectly balanced, so attentive to the representation of a tragic event which lies at the very heart of the history of the Western world, are unfathomable.


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