Brazil Classics vol.1 - Beleza Tropical vol.1 (1989)

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Brazil Classics vol.1 - Beleza Tropical vol.1 (1989)

Brazil Classics vol.1 - Beleza Tropical (1989)
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“Compiled by former Talking Head David Byrne and released in 1989, with liner notes and translations by Arto Lindsay, Beleza Tropical documents a New York hipster's first infatuation with the rich, deep, and varied spectrum of Brazilian popular music from the rebellious '70s. There are better Brazilian anthologies, but none so clearly assembled in order to counter the received opinion of Brazilian music as lightweight bachelor-pad fluff (although Milton Nascimento, with his beautiful high tenor, sometimes comes close). Caetano Veloso (whose magnificent “Terra” is itself worth the price of admission) and Gilberto Gil are remarkable lyricists whose music is influenced as much by the Afro-Brazilian rhythms of northern Brazil as by the Beatles. Jorge Ben contributes a pair of highfalutin yet funky soccer songs, Chico Buarque is at his most uncompromisingly poetic, and Nazare Pereira taps deep into Brazilian folklore”. – Richard Gehr (Editorial Review,

Brazil Classics vol.1 - Beleza Tropical tracklist:
1. Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) - Jorge Ben
2. Sonho Meu - Maria Bethania
3. Só Quero Um Xodó - Gilberto Gil
4. Um Canto de Afoxé Para O Cloco de Ilę (Ilę Ayę) - Caetano Veloso
5. O Leăozinho - Caetano Veloso
6. Caçada - Chico Buarque
7. Calice - Chico Buarque
8. Equatorial - Borgues
9. San Vicente - Milton Nascimento
10. Quilombo, O el Dorado Negro - Gilberto Gil
11. Caramba! … Galileu da Galiléia - Jorge Ben
12. Caixa de Sol - Nazare Pereira
13. Maculele - Nazare Pereira
14. Queixa - Caetano Veloso
15. Andar Com Fé - Gilberto Gil
16. Fio Maravilha - Jorge Ben
17. Anima - Milton Nascimento
18. Terra - Caetano Veloso

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Brazil Classics vol.1 - Beleza Tropical

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Brazil Classics vol.1 - Beleza Tropical