Pomerium - Musical Book Of Hours (Archiv 1998)

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Pomerium - Musical Book Of Hours (Archiv 1998)

Pomerium - Musical Book Of Hours (Archiv 1998)
Classical, Sacred, Vocal | APE (dBPoweramp) | 1CD/324MB | RS.com

Amazon.com Review
"This is one of the most beautiful early music discs in the catalog–equally attributable to the music and to the perfectly tuned and blended voices, whose timbres couldn't be more appealing to the ear or more appropriate to the style of the repertoire. The very first track–a charming, gentle, hopeful little piece by Dufay, "Bon jour, bon mois, bon an"–leads us easily into the heart and spirit of this well-conceived program, which seeks to duplicate in music the expressive power and visual beauty of the richly illustrated Books of Hours–lovingly created volumes that were a cherished fixture of religious devotional practice in medieval and Renaissance Europe. Among the composers represented are Dufay, Desprez, Busnoys, Dunstaple, and Ockeghem. Put this at the top of your list." David Vernier

Amazon Information
Conductor: Alexander Blachly
Audio CD (April 14, 1998)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Archiv Produktion (289 457 586-2)
ASIN: B000006AUW

01 - Bon jour,bon mois,bon an Listen
02 - In principio erat verbum Listen
03 - Intemerata dei mater Listen
04 - Ave maris stella Listen
05 - Magnificat sexti toni Listen
06 - Inviolata,integra et casta Listen
07 - Virgo prudentissima Listen
08 - Venit ad petrum Listen
09 - Salve regina Listen
10 - Veni sante spiritus Listen
11 - En katerine solennia Listen
12 - De profundis clamavi Listen

Pomerium - Musical Book Of Hours (Archiv 1998)

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