Nick Drake - 1970-Bryter Layter

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Nick Drake - 1970-Bryter Layter

Nick Drake - 1970-Bryter Layter
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After crafting a debut album full of gorgeous, somber chamber folk, Nick Drake innovated his style with 'Bryter Layter'. First is the change is atmosphere, as the framework is light and airy where 'Five Leaves Left' was dark and foreboding. Moreover, Drake's artfully expressed inner emotions peek through at every turn in the lyrics and in his heartfelt vocal delivery. 'At the Chime of a City Clock' finds Drake facing existential despair at every turn. Perhaps the crucial moment of 'Bryter Layter' occurs on 'Poor Boy', where female backing vocalists literally mock the singer's anguished mournings. Clearly, for as much as Drake's heart and soul were bared in every note of his music, he was aware enough to know that his disillusioned romantic view of the world was one that put him on the fringes of society. Of course, some twenty-five years later, his early seventies work would find a much wider audience, even though the initial era of the sensitive singer/songwriter had long since passed.
1. Introduction
2. Hazy Jane II
3. At The Chime Of A City Clock
4. One Of These Things First
5. Hazey Jane I
6. Bryter Layter
7. Fly Listen
8. Poor Boy
9. Northern Sky
10. Sunday

51 MB | MP3 @ 192 VBR