Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) {ECM} **[RE-UP]**

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Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) {ECM} **[RE-UP]**

Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) {ECM}
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Genre: jazz, vocal jazz

April is the 2001 CD by jazz singer Susanne Abbuehl. Released by ECM Records, as per the norm with the label, this was produced by Manfred Eicher.
As anybody who’s read my reviews/rants will attest, I’m generally not a big fan of jazz vocalists. Too many of ‘em seem stuck in a Great American Songbook time-warp, singing lots of co-dependent my-man-treats-me-so-bad-but-he’s-my-man clichéd lyrics, and while jazz instrumentalists have made amazing strides in the past 30 or so years, whereas most singers…well, you get the point, I think. Notable exceptions are Cassandra Wilson, Barbara Sfraga and a name very new to me, this Susanne Abbuehl.

Ms. Abbuehl has a luscious yet marvelously understated voice that can only be compared (most) favorably with Sheila Jordan, Annette Peacock and the late Jeanne Lee, with more than a bit of the wise sensuality of Helen Merrill. She doesn’t go in for cheap/cheesy sentimentality or show-offish scatting, but instead goes for a minimalist purity, stretching syllables and phases just so, wringing or imparting the emotion of/in the song with the utmost care, but driven by a serene confidence. In many ways, Abbuehl is a vocal counterpart to pianists Paul Bley, Marilyn Crispell and even Thelonious Monk, masterful key-crackers known for their unique sense(s) of economy. No surprise one of the highlights of April is a lovely, achingly minimal take on Monk’s “’Round Midnight.” Carla Bley's "Ida Lupino" (made famous by Bley's ex-husband Paul) and the ominous, Indian-influenced "A.I.R". Some tracks feature musical settings of poems by e. e. cummings – and normally this would make me CRINGE because when many jazz players take on modern poetry the results are usually academic-sounding and overly austere (i.e., parched, bone-dry). Abbuehl’s approach, though minimal and austere, is infused with a quiet passion that makes judicious use of the melisma of Arabic or Klezmer music – and it is exciting in a natural, unassuming fashion. Her fellow musicians are up to her level, using melodious sounds much the way a painter would – not verse/chorus/verse or head arrangement/solos/head arrangement, but as lines and dabs of paint on a canvas. April is an beautiful album that’ either audacious in its simplicity or deceptively simple in its audaciousness. This might be hyperbole, but I think this Susanne Abbuehl may prove to be a crucial, monster and perhaps innovative talent in years to come. Nope, scratch that: she is already.

Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) {ECM} **[RE-UP]**

01. Yes is a pleasant country
02. Ida Lupino
03. Closer
04. all I need
05. A.I.R. (All India Radio)
06. Seven - Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond
07. skies maybe blue; yes
08. 'Round Midnight
09. maggie and milly and molly and may
10. since feeling is first
11. Mane na

Susanne Abbuehl-voice
Wolfert Brederode-piano, harmonium, melodica
Christof May-clarinet, bass clarinet
Samuel Rohrer-drums, percussion

Produced by Manfred Eicher
Engineer-Jan Erik Kongshaug

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Susanne Abbuehl / April

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Track 1
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Track 3
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\03 - Closer.wav

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Track 4
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\04 - All I need.wav

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Track 5
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\05 - A.I.R. (All India Radio).wav

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Track 6
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\06 - Seven - Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond.wav

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Track 7
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\07 - Skies maybe blue; yes.wav

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Track 8
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Track 9
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\09 - Maggie and Milly and Molly and May.wav

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Track 10
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\10 - Since feeling is first.wav

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Track 11
Filename D:\FLAC\Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) [FLAC] {ECM}\11 - Mane na.wav

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Susanne Abbuehl - April (2001) {ECM} **[RE-UP]**

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