Alpha Tiger - Beneath the Surface (2013)

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Alpha Tiger - Beneath the Surface (2013)

Alpha Tiger - Beneath the Surface (2013)
Germany | Mp3 320 Kbps | 134 MB
Power Metal

Germany’s ALPHA TIGER are living proof for the fact that traditional heavy metal does not necessarily need to be created by elderly people and the band’s hard-hitting second album (and Century Media debut) “Beneath The Surface” kicks rusty rockers out of their wheelchairs with its remarkably fresh take on early Helloween and Queensryche – perfect metal pleasure guaranteed! “Beneath The Surface” was recorded in summer 2012 at Berlin’s Musicflash studio with Mirco Godi Hildmann, and afterwards mixed and mastered by Andreas Hilbert. “We wanted to sound less old-fashioned compared to our debut while avoiding sterility or risk losing our trademark sound.” Mission accomplished. The next step in ALPHA TIGER’s conquest is a much anticipated European tour as direct support for W.A.S.P. which should allow them to gather even more supporters.

Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. The Alliance
03. From Outer Space
04. Waiting For A Sign
05. Beneath The Surface
06. Along The Rising Sun
07. Eden Lies in Ruins
08. Rain
09. Crescent Moon
10. We Came From The Gutter