Angels Of Liberty - Pinnacle Of The Draco (2012)

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Angels Of Liberty - Pinnacle Of The Draco (2012)

Angels Of Liberty - Pinnacle Of The Draco (2012)
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Gothic Rock

Formed in 2011 the band spent years on painstaking research. The task was undertaken by getting monstrously drunk out on the UK scene following some of the best Goth Rock bands during the nineties. After years of snakebite fuelled antics, worn out winklepickers and working as glorified skiv-vies in recording studios they set about the task of creating something themselves. So more than a little fashionably late, showing signs erotic crystallization inertia and with moth eaten frock coats, here they are!

Tracklist :

1. Dance Of Death Part 1
2. Eat The Sun
3. Starsailors
4. Talk About Nothing
5. Monster In Me
6. Dead Tormented
7. Complicated
8. Kukulkan
9. Man Of Sin
10. Blood Theif
11. Girl Under The Water
12. Weaving Spiders
13. Mars & Minerva
14. Girl Under The Water (Kitty Lectro Remix)
15. Black Madonna
16. Dance Of Death Part 2

Total playing time 01:14:42