Chopin - Etudes - Jaroslaw Drzewieck

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Chopin - Etudes - Jaroslaw Drzewieck

Chopin - Etudes - Jaroslaw Drzewiecki
1999 | Classical | EAC, Monkey's Audio v3.99 APE | CUE, No log | 1 CD, Covers | 201 MB | TT: 63:54

Jarosław Drzewiecki belongs to the group of the greatest Polish pianists of the young generation. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznań and then he perfected his skills at post- diploma pianistics course at Warsaw Music Academy and at post graduate studies, at the Moscow Conservatory, in the class of Prof. Victor Merzhanov. He is the laureate of the piano competitions in Bolzano, Pretoria, Marsala ( I st prize) and in Porto (Grand Prix and 4 special awards).

Drzewiecki is the only Polish pianist who recorded the collection of 27 Etudes of Fryderyk Chopin on the CD.

Etudes Op.10
1. No.1 in C major
2. No.2 in A minor
3. No.3 in E major “Chanson de l'adieu"
4. No.4 in C-sharp minor
5. No.5 in G-flat major “Black keys"
6. No.6 in E-flat minor
7. No.7 in C major
8. No.8 in F major
9. No.9 in F minor
10. No.10 in A-flat major
11. No.11 in E-flat major
12. No.12 in C minor “Revolutionary"
Etudes Op.25
13. No.1 in A-flat major “The shepherd boy"
14. No.2 in F minor
15. No.3 in F major
16. No.4 in A minor
17. No.5 in E minor
18. No.6 in G-sharp minor
19. No.7 in C-sharp minor
20. No.8 in D-flat major
21. No.9 in G-flat major “Butterflies"
22. No.10 in B minor
23. No.11 in A minor “Winter wind"
24. No.12 in C minor
3 Etudes from 'Methodes des Methodes'
25. No.1 in F minor
26. No.2 in D-flat major
27. No.3 in A-flat major

Jaroslaw Drzewiecki

1999 Pony Canyon Inc. Japan PCCL-00456


Many thanks, Iris, for offering this Japanese pressing album.