Contemporary Piano Scores

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Contemporary Piano Scores

Contemporary Piano Scores
20th century | PDF | 57MB

Here are some score from contemporary composers, mostly for the piano.

Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt:
Partita para cello solo (1957)
Stück für 3 Congas, Glocke, Rassel und Flügel (1990)

Henry Cowell:
Advertisement (1914)
Aeolian Harp (1923)
Anger Dance
Dynamic Motion
Episode (1916)
Exultation (1919)
Fabric (1917)
Five encores to dynamic motion
Nine Ings
Piece for Piano (1924)
Sinister Resonance
The Banshee (1925)
The Fairy Bells (1929)
The lilt of the reel
The Tides of Manaunaun (1912)
Three Irish Legends
Tiger (1928)
Two-Part Invention in three Parts (1950)
Vestiges (1920)

Violeta Dinescu:
Drei Stufen für Kalvier (2005)

Karl Amadeus Hartmann:
Jazz-Toccata und Fuge (1928)
Sonate "27. April 1945"

Hans Werner Henze:
6 Stücke für junge Pianisten
Cherubino (1980)

Joji Yuasa:
Cosmos Haptic II

Hans Zender:
Memorial (1989)