Cressida - Cressida (1970)

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Cressida - Cressida (1970)

Cressida - Cressida (1970)
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Cressida is one of the quintessential bands from the early British symphonic prog scene. - Greg Northrup [March 2002]

Though not as brilliant as its follow-up, the seminal Asylum, Cressida's self-titled debut is sort of what one would expect their first album to sound like. The band's style is certainly not quite as developed or unique as it would come to be, there is less instrumental interplay and the compositions are not as ambitious or complex. Still, Cressida is great for what it is. The tracks on the whole are shorter and more focused, heavily built around subtle song craft and a typically exquisite melodic sense. The expected amenities of early British style are certainly present; delicate vocals, gobs of organ and acoustic guitar, as well as a knack for soaring, fuzzed-out electric solos.
The overly poppish aspect may be a slight turn off at first, but there is plenty going on beneath the catchy melodies to keep things interesting. "Winter is Coming Again" impresses with some stunning organ solos, but the album really starts heating up towards the end, as tracks like "Lights in My Mind" and "The Only Earthman In Town" are blessed with some of the most infectious melodies on the whole album, a winning streak further sustained on the melancholy "Down Down", perhaps the finest cut here. All in all, while this album may be no Asylum, its certainly a recommended platter of great early British rock. - Greg Northrup [February 2002]

Track List:

1. To Play Your Little Game - 3:15
2. Winter is Coming Again - 4:42
3. Time For Bed - 2:18
4. Cressida - 3:57
5. Home And Where I Long To Be - 4:04
6. Depression - 5:02
7. One Of A Group - 3:35
8. Lights In My Mind - 2:45
9. The Only Earthman In Town - 3:32
10. Spring '69 - 2:14
11. Down Down - 4:15
12. Tomorrow Is A Whole New Day - 5:19


Ian Clark - Drums
Angus Cullen - Vocals, Guitar
John Heyworth - Guitar
Peter Jennings - Keyboards
Kevin McCarthy - Bass
John Culley - Guitar
Harold McNair - Flute

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