Edvard Grieg - From Holberg's Time / Norwegian Wedding Dances

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Edvard Grieg - From Holberg's Time / Norwegian Wedding Dances

Edvard Grieg - From Holberg's Time / Norwegian Wedding Dances
MP3 (320@ CBR) | 124.18 Mb (MP3) | 52:49 minutes | Full artwork and covers.
classical, romantic | Archiv Records, recorded at Brinkburn Priory, Weldon on June 1995 and at Douai Abbey, Upper Woolhampton on November 1995

Holberg Suite, Op. 40 more properly "From Holberg's Time", (German: Aus Holbergs Zeit, Norwegian: Fra Holbergs tid), but originally called "Suite in old style" (Norwegian: Suite i gammel stil), is a suite of five movements based on eighteenth century dance forms, written by Edvard Grieg in 1884 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Danish-Norwegian playwright Ludvig Holberg. It is an example of a piece of nineteenth century music which makes use of musical styles and forms from the preceding century. It can be compared with Franz Liszt's À la Chapelle Sixtine, S.360 (1862) and contrasted with later neoclassical works. This suite is not as famous as the incidental music from Peer Gynt, which is usually performed as arranged in a pair of suites itself, but many critics see them as equal. The movements of the suite are: 1. Praeludium - 2. Sarabande - 3. Gavotte - 4. Air (Andante religioso) - 5. Rigaudon Though originally composed for the piano, the version most well known today is the arrangement by the composer for string orchestra. The Norwegian Wedding Dances were composed by Grieg on 1869. They capture characteristics of Norway such as the peaceful nature of the country or the culture and soul of the Norwegian people. Grieg’s works were always pure, charming, graceful, lyrical and emotionally passionate, reflecting his love of his country and this set of piano works are a good example of that.

Slovakian Philharmonie
Libor. Pesek: Conductor
Stefan Jesechko: piano

01. Holberg Suite - Prelude (2:46)
02. Holberg Suite - Sarabande (4:10)
03. Holberg Suite - Gavotte (3:08)
04. Holberg Suite / Andante religioso (5:37)
05. Holberg Suite / Rigandon (3:12)
06. Norwegian Wedding Dances / Bridal march (3:28)
07. Norwegian Wedding Dances / Nils Revkes halling (1:05)
08. Norwegian Wedding Dances / Bridal march from Telemark (3:19)
09. Norwegian Wedding Dances / Hallingtanz (4:00)
10. Norwegian Wedding Dances / Troll wedding in Vossevangen (2:21)
11. Norwegian Wedding Dances / The girls from Kivte (1:29)
12. Ballade in G minor (18:11)

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