Fanny - Rock'n' Roll Survivors (1974)

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Fanny - Rock'n' Roll Survivors (1974)

Fanny - Rock'n' Roll Survivors (1974)
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1. Rock & Roll Survivors
2. Butter Boy
3. Long Distance Lover
4. Let's Spend The Night Together
5. Rockin' (All Night Long)
6. Get Out Of The Jungle
7. Beggar Man
8. Sally, Go 'round The Roses
9. I've Had It
10. From Where I Stand


It's 1974 when the girls release their new album, called "Rock And Roll Survivors". The cover on this album (which had become some kind of a tradition at this point…especially for women in rock) was the ROLLING STONES classic "Let's Spend The Night Together". It was definitely a good choice. The album has two songs that hit big on the Billboard charts, with Butter Boy (written about one of the girl's current BF–David Bowie) being banned in Boston for being considered too racy.

Today that album is a classic, and not one that is easy to find these days! Our friend Johnno just found a copy of the LP in a local store in his native Australia and has sent us a photo of the cover!! They toured the states and Europe, finally ending with the girls desiring to go off in other directions in 1975.