Garden Wall - Assurdo (2011)

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Garden Wall - Assurdo (2011)

Garden Wall - Assurdo (2011)
Mp3 | 320 Kbps | 149 MB | Italy
Progressive Metal

Italy’s premier progressive metal band is back with its new studio album, “Assurdo” – their first release on Lizard Records. This is the third and closing chapter of an ideal trilogy, started with “Forget The Colours” and continued with “Towards The Silence” and a huge revolution in the band’s sound.

Track List:

1. Iperbole
2. Butterfly Song
3. Trasfiguratofunky
4. Negative
5. Just Cannot Forget
6. Flash (short-lived neorealism)
7. Clamores horrendos ad sidera tollit
8. Vacuum Fluctuation
9. Re-Awakening
10. Isterectomia

Total playing time 01:07:34