Halflives – Resilience (2020)

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Halflives – Resilience (2020)

Halflives – Resilience (2020)
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Alternative, Alternative Rock, Female Fronted, Female Vocals, Pop, Rock | Label: Halflives

Set for release on March 13, it features five new tracks including recent single 'Snake' and 'Time Bomb' featuring Sleeping With Sirens' frontman Kellin Quinn.

Lead singer Linda Battilan says "'Resilience' is a record about getting lost and finding yourself again and the journey in-between. Each song explores a different step of the process in the following order: denial, anger, bargaining/self-questioning, depression and acceptance."

The band are set tour mainland Europe next month alongside Icon For Hire with UK dates soon to follow.


1. Halflives - Rockstar Everyday
2. Halflives - Snake
3. Halflives;Kellin Quinn - Time Bomb
4. Halflives - One Bad Day
5. Halflives - Hard to Break




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