Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins

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Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins

Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins
1962 | Jazz | Universal | 44:51 | APE/CUE | 282,3Mb(3 parts)

1. Limbo Jazz
2. Mood Indigo
3. Ray Charles' Place
4. Wanderlust
5. You Dirty Dog
6. Self Portrait (Of The Bean)
7. The Jeep Is Jumpin'
8. The Ricitic
9. Solitude

Coleman Hawkins Tenor Saxophone ;Duke Ellington Piano ;Johnny Hodges Alto Saxophone ;Harry Carney Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet; Ray Nance Violin, Cornet ;Lawrence Brown Trombone ;Aaron Bell Bass;Sam Woodyard Drums

Collaborative albums such as this one always have been something of a stunt on the part of the record label, with the artists themselves usually stuck with too little time to work out something that would easily act as a functional compromise. Many of these albums, then, have faded away with time. Impulse!, however, had more than its share of solid collaborations, with some moments of glory thrown in for good measure. This one isn't really one of those moments of glory, but it is a lot of fun, whether it's the daffy cut-up of "Limbo Jazz" or the slow New Orleans smoke of "Wanderlust." All present turn in nice performances on this set of Ellington numbers, there are no blatant flubs (though the ensemble isn't as tight as it could have been.) The remastering is excellent, giving the disc a nice clear sound, and a bonus track, "Solitude," has been added.
by Steven McDonald
Courtesy All Music


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part 2

part 3