Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

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Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]
DVD-5 | NTSC 720x480 (4:3), 29.97fps, 4000kbps | AC-3, 2ch
Open Sky, OPENSKYDVD1 | Covers Included | ~ 924 Mb
Progressive Rock / Progressive Folk

This rare 1990 film of the band includes footage from one of their first ever concerts, and the band in rehearsal and on location on the island of Iona.

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Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

Iona Biography:

Though Iona is included with Enya and Clannad in the list of contemporary Celtic artists, the Scottish band's influences – including jazz-fusion, prog-rock and ancient Christian themes – are more varied. Named for an island off Scotland's western coast, the group was formed in the late '80s by vocalist Joanne Hogg and multi-instrumentalists David Fitzgerald and Dave Bainbridge.

For Iona's 1990 self-titled debut album included further acquisitions: drummer Terl Bryant, bassist Nick Beggs (former bassist of Kajagoogoo) and several studio musicians – Fiona Davidson (Celtic harp), Peter Whitfield (strings), Troy Donockley (Uillean pipes) and Frank Van Essen (tuned percussion). The album received very little press, even in their home country, though a Dutch network compiled a documentary based on Iona, the band and the island.

Two years later, Iona returned with Book of Kells, and the album was praised by North American critics as well as those of the British Isles. David Fitzgerald left in 1992 to pursue a degree in music and, as a result, Iona lost much of its jazz influences by the following year's Beyond These Shores. The group made up for Fitzgerald's absence, however, by inviting Robert Fripp to guest on the album. A contract with England's Alliance Music led to 1995's Journey into the Morn; the album was released early the following year in the U.S. and Canada. Fitzgerald returned to active recording in 1995, when he released the solo album Columcille. Journey into the Morn followed in 1996.

by John Bush, All Music Guide


Иона - прогрессивная кельтская рок-группа из Великобритании, которая была сформирована в конце 1980-х, вокалистка Джоан Хогг и мульти-инструменталисты Дэвид Фитцджеральд и Дэйв Байнбридж.

К тому времени, Иона выпустили свой первый одноименный альбом в 1990, барабанщик Терл Брайант, басист Ник Бегс (бывший басист группы Kajagoogoo), Фиона Дэвидсон на кельтской арфе, Питер Уитфилд по струнам, Трой Donockley на трубах Uillean и ударник Фрэнк Ван Эссен присоединились к группе. Первый альбом Иона сосредоточен главным образом на истории острова Иона, от которого группа получила свое название.

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Iona - Iona (1990):

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]


1. Turning Tide [2:59]
2. Flight of the Wild Goose [4:40]
3. Here I Stand [3:16]
4. Trilogy [2:31]
5. The Island [6:49]
6. Beijing [2:28]
7. Columcille [1:45]
8. A'mhachair [2:28]
9. Iona [:58]


Dave Bainbridge - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Dave Fitzgerald - Whistles, Pipes, Saxophones
Joanne Hogg - Keyboards, Tambourine, Vocals
Nick Beggs - Electric Bass
Terl Bryant - Drums
Troy Donockley - Uillean pipes
Frank Van Essen - Percussionist

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

Iona - Iona (1990) [2004, Open Sky]

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Iona - Iona (1990):