Jean-Paul Hervé - Ligne B (2019)

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Jean-Paul Hervé - Ligne B (2019)

Jean-Paul Hervé - Ligne B (2019)
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Jazz | Label: Le Facteur Soudain

Sprouted during the journeys he undertakes almost daily on Line B of the Lyon subway, guitarist and composer Jean Paul-Hervé integrated the sound of the subway into his musical listening to the point where he drew the material for an original musical project to which he wished to associate musicians of the Collectif du Facteur Soudain group in the first rank of which the members of his trio JPH3, Hervé Humbert drums and Raphaël Poly: bass and programming completed by the horns Fred Roudet (trumpet, bugle) and Loïc Bachevillier ( trombone).


01. Ouverture (Des portes)
02. Au fil des stations
03. Heure de pointe
04. La larme
05. Perdu dans les couloirs
06. Vous descendez ?
07. Les collégiens
08. Pas à pas
09. Correspondances (Pour Gianni)
10. Métrolectro




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