Michaela Anne - Bright Lights and the Fame (2016)

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Michaela Anne - Bright Lights and the Fame (2016)

Michaela Anne - Bright Lights and the Fame
Country, Americana | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 44:15 min | 109 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: Kingswood Records | Tracks: 11 | 2016

Bright Lights and the Fame (Kingswood Records) is Michaela Anne's follow-up to the acclaimed Ease My Mind. It's an album full of sharp observation and easy wit, with upbeat numbers that are tailor-made for the dance floor of the nearest honky-tonk. Although there are gentler, more personal aspects to this release that recalls Michaela Anne's earlier work, this one showcases a newfound brashness, from songs like "Won't Go Down," which reflects on the challenges of living a fun, free life while staying morally grounded, to "Worrying Mind" which answers the call from her song "Ease My Mind" as she traded in her life in New York City for the more relaxed atmosphere of Nashville. Michaela Anne's evolution is even evident in the album's cover, in which she sports a bedazzled denim outfit, a vintage find that's perfect for catching the spotlight.
Recorded with producer Dan Knobler (Mason Jar Music), Bright Lights and the Fame features a slate of special guests that include Americana stalwarts Rodney Crowell and Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers) along with co-writes from acclaimed producer Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark, Jamey Johnson). "My intention was to be honest with my songwriting. Not just in a super-reflective way, but show the fun, free-spirited side as well," Michaela offers about the songs on the album. "We can have all of these different parts to us and still be one person. You can want to go out to a bar and not worry about anything, but also sit and think, 'how am I going to buy a house and raise a family?' I want to be deeply intuitive and emotional and self-aware, but also throw caution to the wind at some point and pursue what some might call irrational dreams."

Having received previous acclaim from outlets like the New York Times, Rolling Stone Country, and CMT, Michaela is poised for a breakout year. Her work is candid and convivial, heartfelt and fun. Like a night on on the town or an intimate conversation with a friend, you're definitely going to want to hang out for a while.

"In the country/Americana realm, voices like Michaela Anne are some of the dominating names - all coming to represent a sound more enamored by craft than chart-topping, more comfortable with the Telecaster slides than synthesizers." –Marissa R. Moss, Rolling Stone Country

"Michaela Anne writes about the highs and lows of love with insight that exceeds her years. Her soprano is reminiscent of Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, and her songwriting shows promise of reaching those heights, too. –Craig Shelburne, CMT Edge

1. Living Without You
2. If Only
3. Bright Lights and the Fame
4. Everything I Couldn't Be
5. Won't Go Down
6. Worrying Mind
7. Easier Than Leaving
8. Luisa (feat. Rodney Crowell)
9. What Good Is Water
10. Liquor Up
11. Stars