Modern Day Babylon - Coma (2018)

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Modern Day Babylon - Coma (2018)

Modern Day Babylon - Coma (2018)
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Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Self-released

Modern Day Babylon is "first djent - groove - ambient Czech project". It was founded by Tomas Raclavsky in the end of 2010 and started as a one-man project. Though today it performs as an instrumental trio who is past its succesful debut and is receiving unusual praises by critics. Still in the time of preparations of the debut album, the project has been completed by conservatory graduates Vojtech Seminsky (drums) and Marek Mrvik (bass) joining MDB. This three-member group has been stirring up the Czech progressive metal scene ever since. Some of the proofs are the Newcomer of the Year 2011 award and the Minialbum of the Year 2011 award, given by „Britva Awards“, a chart composed by some of the biggest names of Czech music media.
01. Sleeper
02. Dream Cycles
03. Coma
04. Timelapse
05. Otherside
06. Waves
07. Memory
08. Visions
09. Wake Up
10. Waves (Matt Holland Remix) (24bits)

Total time: 40:44

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