Music of the Gothic Era - Early Music Consort of London & David Munrow

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Music of the Gothic Era - Early Music Consort of London & David Munrow
Genre: classical | MP3 | CBR 192 Kbps | 83 Mb | Relase Date (CD): October 25, 1990 | Publisher: Archiv

First issued in 1976, Music of the Gothic Era, by David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London, wasn't the first recording to present works by Le'onin, Perotin, Adam de la Halle, and Machaut. But the performances were so exquisite and ardent that it opened up the world of early music for many music lovers, and it marked, in part, the beginning of an explosion of interest in that world. Munrow's recordings are still prized today, and even though scholarship in early music performance practice has advanced considerably over the past 25 years, few performers had the ability to make this very ancient music come so vividly to life. Sadly, Munrow died when he was only 33 (the same year this set was released), so his recorded legacy is especially important. The Art of Courtly Love and The Art of the Netherlands should be in any serious collection, but Music of the Gothic Era may be the most beguiling of all his records. The organa of Le'onin and Perotin have an otherworldly radiance, and Munrow and his singers bring expressive elegance to the gnarliest of the Ars nova motets. Indeed, every work conveys an exhilarating sense of freshness and discovery. The recording still sounds amazing.

01. Leonin: Viderunt omnes
02. Perotin: Viderunt omnes
03. Anon: Alle, psallit e cum luya
04. Anon: Amor potest
05. Anon: S'on me regarde
06. Anon: In mari miserie
07. Anon: O mitissima
08. Petrus de Cruce: Aucun ont trouve
09. Adam de la Halle: De me dame vient
10. Adam de la Halle: J'os bien a m'amie parler
11. Anon: Le mesnie fauveline
12. de Vitry: Impudentur circumivi
13. de Vitry: Cum statua
14. Anon: Clap, clap, par un
15. Anon: Febus mundo oriens
16. Machaut: Qui es promesses
17. Machaut: Lasse! comment oublieray
18. Anon: Inter densas deserti meditans
19. Machaut: Hoquetus David