Nucleus - Sentient (2016)

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Nucleus - Sentient (2016)

Nucleus - Sentient (2016)
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Death Metal

Out of Chicago, Illinois come the band Nucleus, whose debut “Sentient” sets the perfect example of concentrated chaotic madness. I had been looking forward to this release as I have heard a lot of good things about this band, and it pleases me to say that all the good things I’ve heard are spot on. On top of that, the level of awesomeness goes right through the roof when you look and see that these guys only have a single, demo, and 2 EP’s under their belt before releasing this debut full-length. I say that because when you hear these guys, you would swear they had been perfecting their craft for more than just 4 yeas.

In listening to this CD, I felt such a vibe of respect for the old school style of the US death metal scene of the late 80’s on through the 90’s. There is also a little bit of a thrash element as well, but the old school death metal vibe takes precedence here. While the vibes and elements are there, the band takes things a bit further with their own style of playing. For instance, the guitar solos have a “current” feel to them. Almost like what you would find most new bands playing today. In doing this, I find that the bands approach and combination of old school riffs and new school type solos to be a unique and refreshing idea to the genre of death metal. In all seriousness, the riffs aren’t all crisp and razor sharp, but in their distorted “grittiness” they aren’t designed to cut the flesh from the bone. No, Not at all. They are more analogous to “tearing” it away in the most brutal way possible. I always like it when bands give respect to the old school in the presentation of their material, but very few take it to the next level like Nucleus do. From slow to mid-paced rhythms, these guys have it mastered on all levels. The only thing really typical here is the drums, but typical works here and like they say, if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it. It may be a typical style of playing, but there is a slight technical element in the presentation of the material that keeps it from being boring and repetitive. The influences I pick up on in this release are amazing and it goes to show that the guys in this band know their metal and are in it for the perfection and dedication of the art. Imagine, if you will, a mixture of Immolation, early Autopsy, early Vital Remains, and early Necrophobic with the slightest vibe of Nocturnus thrown in to take things over the top.

From beginning to end, Nucleus keep things interesting. The old school respect with a slight futuristic approach really works here. As with the drumming, but as a whole, these guys keep things from being boring and repetitive. In listening to this album a few times, I can safely say that these guys are not content to rest safely with simplicity. The peaks and valleys of this CD should tell you that the band is going to leave out anything that is bland and uneventful as it pertains to their brand of death metal. If you are into any of the above bands, then please contact the band or get a hold of the mighty Unspeakable Axe Records for information on how to get this awesome release. This label hits another one out of the park with this album. So, with that, I recommend checking their back catalog as well. I know I will. I want to see how this band has progressed since they have started.

by Akerthorpe,
Nucleus - Sentient (2016):

Nucleus - Sentient (2016)


1. Sentience
2. Dosadi
3. Cantos
4. Swarm
5. Cube
6. Insurgent
7. Ancient
8. Extirpate
9. Starflyer

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Nucleus - Sentient (2016)

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