Opera IX - Maleventum (2002)

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Opera IX - Maleventum (2002)

Opera IX - Maleventum (2002)
Folk/Black Metal | Mp3 256 Kbps | 93 MB | Italy

A new chapter unfolds in the story of Opera IX with the fourth album entitled Maleventum, a concept about witchcraft and paganism, plunged in a much more aggressive and epic sound than the earlier works.
The recording of Maleventum will take place in January 2002 at the Damage inc studios in Ventimiglia.

Line Up:
Madras - vocals
Ossian - guitars
Vlad - bass
Lunaris - keyboards
Taranis - drums

Track List:
1. Maleventum
2. Princess of the Ancient
3. In The Dark I Found the Reflection of the Hidden Mirrors
4. Unearthed Arcana
5. Muscaria
6. Forgotten Gods
7. In The Raven's Eyes

Total playing time 54:17