Peter Cincotti - Long Way From Home (2017)

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Peter Cincotti - Long Way From Home (2017)

Peter Cincotti - Long Way From Home (2017)
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Pop | Label: Peter Cincotti

Singer-songwriter Peter Cincotti chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming studio album "Long Way From Home," which will be out on October 13. Regarding the song selection process for his fifth studio album, Long Way From Home, he said, "Oddly enough, without sounding crazy, a lot of these songs came to me in dreams. I would wake up and they were mostly there. Sometimes in fragments, sometimes more complete, sometimes music, sometimes lyrics, sometimes both. So, in a weird way the songs selected me." He listed "Story For Another Day" as his favorite track from his new CD. "It was one of those songs that surprised me as writer, and took on its own unique shape from a production standpoint. Blending elements of jazz with elements of hip hop and funk, with a lyric that has this kind of 'rough nostalgia' to it. To me, it is also a father-son song. The verses coming from the father, and the choruses from the son," he explained.
Cincotti will be touring around the world, this year and next year, and he will be working on two theater projects in New York. "After three years in the studio making this record, it will be great to be back out on the road again, so people can definitely check my website for all official dates," he said.


01 – Long Way from Home
02 – Sexy
03 – Made for Me
04 – Story for Another Day
05 – Palermo
06 – Too Soon
07 – Roman Skies
08 – Half of You
09 – What’s Sara Doing
10 – Wanna Be
11 – Hangover City
12 – Sounds of Summer