Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta - The Bucket List (2019)

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Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta - The Bucket List (2019)

Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta - The Bucket List (2019)
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Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: KLM Records

The Bucket List is the collective effort of guitar extraordinaire Phil Keaggy, legendary bassist Tony Levin and rhythm master Jerry Marotta featuring 12 original instrumentals that showcase the strengths of these three musicians.
Having recorded over 60 albums since the late 1960’s, Phil Keaggy is one of the most admired guitarists in the Contemporary Christian music world. Phil’s talents have earned him two Grammy nominations as well as being a seven time recipient of the GMA Dove Award for Instrumental Album of the Year.
How many musicians can claim they recorded/toured with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Yes, and let’s not forget John Lennon? Bassist and Stick player Tony Levin can and that’s barely scratching the surface of his musical biography. When Tony’s not bouncing between King Crimson and Peter Gabriel, he’s usually found on the road with The Stick Men.
For over a decade, Tony along with drummer Jerry Marotta were the rhythm section for the classic Peter Gabriel years. Jerry’s unique percussion style has graced the music of Paul McCartney, Hall & Oats, Elvis Costello, The Indigo Girls and so many others. These days, Jerry never takes a break working with The Security Project, The Marotta Brothers Band, The Fragile Fate and Flav Martin.
The genesis of this super trio can be traced back over ten years ago when Phil, Tony and Jerry first met in Woodstock for an impromptu jam session that lead to a live show and a whole lot of improvisation left in the can. Over the years the material was revisited and reworked then left to age in the barrel a little longer.
Fast forward to 2018, the recordings are given a fresh breath of air plus added tracks to formulate a collection of actual songs. The end result is executive producer Paul Grimsland finally getting to tick off a box of his Bucket List. Like a fine wine, The Bucket List has been aged to perfection and is ready for consumption from an audience thirsting for this musical delight.
01. Sometimes 11
02. Fearless
03. Midland Crisis
04. Sometimes We Up
05. Stella Luna
06. Steely Funk
07. Where's Phil
08. Phil's On
09. Caravan
10. Carved in Stone
11. Good Stuff
12. Blue Hawaii

Total time: 47:21

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