Poco - Cantamos (1974) Reissue 2003 [Re-Up]

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Poco - Cantamos (1974) Reissue 2003 [Re-Up]

Poco - Cantamos (1974) Reissue 2003
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Country Rock, Soft Rock | Label: Wounded Bird | # WOU 3192 | Time: 00:36:42

Reissue of 1974 album from Wounded Bird for the country rock act. This album marks the emergence of Rusty Young as a composer of merit. Side one rocks out hard and fresh while the second side deals with lost love and broken-hearted romance. Much of the magic of their earlier albums has been recaptured.

This album marks the emergence of Rusty Young as a composer of merit. Side one rocks out hard and fresh while the second side deals with lost love and broken-hearted romance. Much of the magic of their earlier albums has been recaptured.

Review by James Chrispell, Allmusic.com

When I borrowed the lps "A GOOD FEELING TO KNOW," "SEVEN" (my least favorite album), and this album from my oldest brother-in-law, I heard the best mixture of country, bluegrass, folk, and rock and roll on CANTAMOS. My only complaint is that if RUSTY YOUNG did not sing any lead vocal on the outstanding songs he wrote for this album, that was a major mistake because he had and has a much more calm and relaxing voice than bass guitarist TIM SCHMIT. Meanwhile, TIM'S BITTER BLUE is an excellent acoustic song with his low-pitch lead vocal, harmony vocals, steel and lead guitar riffs by RUSTY and PAUL COTTON, but his WHATEVER HAPPENED TO YOUR SMILE is the best song I have ever heard by TIM. Plus, it has an excellent tone of his lead vocal, dobro and steel guitar by RUSTY, the acoustic and lead guitar by PAUL, and harmony vocals by the band, and it even outdoes his future EAGLES hit "I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY." PAUL'S "ONE HORSE BLUE" is the best song he has written and sung for the band that features blasting banjo and steel guitar riffs by RUSTY, excellent guitar riffs lead vocal by PAUL, drums by GEORGE GRANTHAM, bass guitar by TIM, and harmony vocals by the band. His "SUSANNAH" is also an excellent acoustic ballad with the harmony vocals, dobro and steel guitar by RUSTY. His WESTERN WATERLOO is a excellent country/folk/rock song with his lead vocal and guitar riffs, RUSTY'S banjo and pedal steel guitar riffs, tim's bas guitar riffs, GEORGE'S drumming, and the band's harmony vocals. ANOTHER TIME AROUND is a excellent rock song with dobro and lead guitar riffs by RUSTY and PAUL. Now comes the best songs RUSTY has written. His "SAGEBRUSH SERENADE" is a outstanding beginning with the acoustic guitars, vocals, and pedal steel guitar at the beginning of the song, and then come the blasting banjo, dobro and pedal steel guitar by RUSTY, lead guitar by PAUL, drums by GEORGE GRANTHAM, and bass guitar by TIM that kick the song into high-gear overdrive ya truckers. His "HIGH AND DRY" is an excellent song with the harmony vocals, the acoustic electric, and bass guitar riffs, and the drums. "ALL THE WAY" is excellent too. It features laid-back vocals, crisp sounding acoustic guitar by RUSTY and PAUL'S lead guitar riffs. Furthermore, I once played my 12-string acoustic guitar while I listened to this album on my stereo. Overall, this is a must have for all the pre-LEGEND POCO fans.

Review by Psychodelic Rock, Amazon.com

I really don't know what Richie Furay was looking for when he left Poco.

Perhaps it was the commercial success that had eluded him with the band. Perhaps he wanted critical acclaim. Well, he had some of that with Poco, but maybe he wanted to be on the A list of musicians. If it can be said that he was burned out then how do you explain Rusty Young's desire to continue ? After all, Rusty had been with Poco as long as Richie and was probably experiencing some of the same feelings of frustration, especially after the relative failure of the Good Feelin' To Know album.

And then there's Paul Cotton, who had been a working musician as long as Richie. Timothy B. Schmit had been with Poco since their 2nd. album, and was probably puzzled by the band's failure to get a big hit or a gold album. Concert attendance was always good, but that big hit was just out of reach. Then you have to consider George Grantham, the drummer who also sang and added so much to the Poco sound. Anyway, Furay quit and left Poco to the other four, and it can truely be said they carried on in an outstanding fashion. If anything, they got even tighter without him.

If you look at Poco's history, you'll see that they had thier greatest commercial sucess without Furay, Grantham, or Schmit with 1978's Legend album and the hit singles that album contained. But, getting back to Cantamos. It's an excellent album, with or without Richie Furay. The songs are overall consistantly good. The album is more satifying than Poco 7, the first album without Furay. Cantamos is where the four man Poco really began to shine. I suppose you can think of 7 as the foundation for this album. Anyhow, get Cantamos, give it a good listen, and watch the image of Richie Furay fade out of your mind. Richie was off trying to be a STAR when this album was released and was getting lost along the way. Poco stuck together and produced some really good albums and Cantamos is one of the best.

Review by Garry Daniel, Amazon.com

Poco - Cantamos (1974) Reissue 2003 [Re-Up]


01. Sagebrush Serenade (4:59)
02. Susannah (4:14)
03. Whatever Happened To Your Smile (4:49)
04. High And Dry (4:00)
05. Another Time Around (3:34)
06. One Horse Blue (3:21)
07. Western Waterloo (5:02)
08. Bitter Blue (3:14)
09. All The Ways (3:29)

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DR13 -0.97 dB -16.06 dB 4:00 04-High And Dry
DR13 -2.42 dB -16.87 dB 3:34 05-Another Time Around
DR13 -2.18 dB -18.55 dB 3:21 06-One Horse Blue
DR14 -1.21 dB -16.61 dB 5:02 07-Western Waterloo
DR12 -4.28 dB -19.89 dB 3:14 08-Bitter Blue
DR12 -3.40 dB -17.51 dB 3:29 09-All The Ways

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Poco - Cantamos (1974) Reissue 2003 [Re-Up]

Poco - Cantamos (1974) Reissue 2003 [Re-Up]